Climbers are at the summit of three possible massifs in the Alps, in Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland.

We are all faced with great challenges at certain times in our lives. It is our challenge to make you happy every day, but on the other hand, to build loyalty and commitment by making you happy when you use our products.
And when the pleasure and happiness of doing something that meets you comes together, then human boundaries are undoubtedly shifted.
It is our pleasure and honor to be one of the main supporters of a trulysuperhuman struggle made by one of our fellow citizens. PSK Golak president from Delcevo, Ljupco Kucukovski, along with 7 other climbers from our country, were part of a 10-day expedition climbing to the top of three different masses in the Alps, in Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland.

The following are some of the photos taken during the climb to Triglav peak 2864 masl. at the July Alps Massif in Slovenia as the first of three climbs from the Trilogy of Alps expedition. Certainly ours #Frotirka successfully reached the top, and in the coming days, expect to see photos of the other peaks.

# SekogasPrvi # SekadeZaedno

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