International Day of the Towel

Today is the international day of the towel! You wonder how to mark it? WEAR A TOWEL with you! Where? Everywhere 🤘🤘🤘 This day is celebrated to dedicate to Douglas Adams, the author of the book “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. The towel, according to him, is the most useful thing an interstellar hitchhiking can carry with him. Therefore, every year on May 25, his fans celebrate! 🎊🎉
A list of all countries with all the events can be seen on the international side www.towelday.org where is Macedonia.

❗️Connect yourself with us to this global initiative and today take a towel with you! Be careful not to be ruptured, and it must be clean. Make a photo 📷 or video 🎥 during the day and post it to support the thousands of people around the world who celebrate today – and if your towel is from #frotirka – be sure to tag us! Be sure we will reward you 🎁
For everyone who’s wondering why you’re wearing a towel – take a minute or two to explain it, then grab one #frotirka, make a picture and expect a reward 🙃
#frotirka #hitchhickersguidetothegalaxy #happyday #internationaltowelday

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