The Cultural and Artistic Society “Goce Delchev” from Delcevo performed greatly at the International Folklore Dance Festival “Tufag”

It is our great honor and pleasure to contribute to the promotion of our young talents and at the same time promoting and preserving the cultural values ​​of our country.
This time, the members of the Cultural and Artistic Society “Goce Delchev” from Delcevo excellently presented themselves at the International Folk Dance Dances Festival “Tufag” and the International Folk Dance Festival “TUFAG” and “Golden Carnation” and Folk Dance Competition) who from 01. to 07. July was held in Yalova, Turkey.
The festival was attended by folk ensembles from 17 countries, including Mexico, Russia, Ossetia, Cyprus, Macedonia, Georgia, Montenegro, BiH, Serbia, Korea, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece and others.
From KUD “Goce Delchev” for the realization of this visit, they are grateful to: Municipality of Delcevo, Frotirka Delchevo, Ministry of Culture, Agency for Promotion of Tourism and others.

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