• Selection of the best quality raw materials. The end depends on the beginning .. how high it can be built, depends on the foundation that will be set .. for a superb finished product, top raw ..
  • Duplicate cotton yarn. Double is stronger than single .. for quality that lasts … for dual tenderness and pleasure
  • Finishing yarn, For a healthy bond and unity
  • Coloring yarn .. For colors that last, for a tied bear .. The eternal anecdote for the painter who was supposed to paint a bear on an outer wall .. Unbridled costume 5 money, and the tied something more, but the untied on the first rain was gone ..
  • Knowing the basics, only experts know how to make it right.
  • Shoveling the basics, a little spice, for the perfect mix
  • Weaving the frotirs, that’s us, our second name
  • Coloring of the terry mattress, life in color is more beautiful
  • Finishing the finery, the details make perfection

Confection of the finished product, eventually adorns the work